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When one thinks of a black metal / punk combination, bands like Impaled Nazarene or even recent acts like Atrament and Ancst come to mind. The music of the aforementioned bands however, is a bit different from Germany’s Bait, who recently released their EP ‘Sunburst’. Bait’s vision of a black metal / hardcore union gives equal weightage to both sides. The way the band mixes these styles is a fresh and interesting take on this hybrid sub genre. Usually, the anti establishment views of punk rock is mixed with black metal nihilism to produce a scathing sound that focuses on high speed and punk flavored riff work. Bait on the other hand, also incorporate some of the atmospheric and dissonant elements of the black metal genre to produce a well rounded mix.

Bait Sunburst

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Is punk rock going through a revival? Or am I just suddenly noticing more punk bands releasing albums? In any case, it’s good to see that punk is truly not dead. What brings me to this topic is the recent LP release of Dysteria’s ‘Fuck the Future’. This London based crust punk outfit had originally released this record last year and last month it got the LP treatment. Now the natural question that arises when it comes to a punk release is, have they avoided the numerous pitfalls that initially caused the genre to fade away from the public’s eye? In case of Dysteria, the answer is a hard hitting yes.

Dysteria Fuck the Future

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