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When industrial metal meets black metal, the results almost always sound diabolical and it often invokes images of a dystopian future ruled by the machines. So when The Electric Hellfire Club guitarist Ricktor Ravensbruck teamed up with Julian Xes of  Kult of Azazel to form a industrial black act called Wolfpack 44, the sound the band would be pursuing became quite obvious. What wasn’t obvious however, is how evil and demented the music sounds. The band’s debut outing titled ‘The Scourge’ is 45 minutes of nihilistic industrial dissonance with heavy, Satanic black metal vibes to boot. Describing the music on this album as demonic would be an understatement. Every track on the album is unrelenting in it’s intensity and seldom lets the listener catch his / her breath.

Wolfpack 44

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Usually I am very wary of bands that use synth in metal and try to avoid such bands as much as possible. But the horror themed doom metal band Blizaro is a band that has won over me and my criticism of synth usage. Returning after a period of 6 years, Blizaro make a spectacular comeback with their second full length ‘Cornucopia della Morte’. The band’s unique mix of doom metal with soundscapes that one would find in old school horror movies is refreshing and the progressive leanings of Blizaro only adds to the uniqueness of the sound.

Blizaro Cornucopia Della Morte

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The beauty about music is that there is always a band that pave new paths in styles that people generally assume, has no more avenues for innovation. Atrament from USA do just that with their debut ‘Eternal Downfall’ and the style they choose is d-beat punk. This is a type of music that is generally thought to be monotonous, owing to the consistency in rhythm. However, Atrament take it upon themselves to make d-beat sound fresh again and with their venomous combination of black metal and death metal riffs, the band makes the listener forget limitations posed by sub genres. Within a span of 30 odd minutes, Atrament pack more than enough riffs that compete with each other to be the most scathing.

Atrament Eternal Downfall

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It’s funny how the human’s race vision for the future gets more and more bleak with advancement in technology. It seems counter-intuitive, but the more industrially advanced the race becomes, the more likely it is to have a dystopian future. Perhaps that is the reason industrial metal lends itself so well for a sci-fi tale of dystopia. Massachusetts based industrial metal duo Isolated Antagonist have been able to leverage their music to tell tales of what might be our future. The story continues in the band’s latest offering, ‘Affirmation of Entropy’. Musically, the band  plays industrial metal in the vein of early Fear Factory, Die Krupps, Godflesh and the likes. To the standard industrial metal template, Isolated Antagonist add elements of death metal and atmospheric melody to create something they can call their own.

Isolated Antagonist Affirmation of Entropy

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The loss of a fellow human being is one of the hardest things to deal with in life and when a band loses one of its members, it can take a toll on the very existence of the band. Georgia based sludge band Black Tusk recently endured such a tragedy when founding member Jonathan Athon passed away back in 2014. The band however, has soldiered on to release their fourth full length titled ‘Pillars of Ash’, a high energy sludge, hardcore crossover record that contains some of the last recorded work of their fallen comrade. Black Tusk tread a path that blurs the lines between hardcore punk and sludge, producing music that has equal parts punk attitude and equal parts groovy sludge.

Black Tusk Pillars of Ash

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