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When the tsunami shocked the world in 2004, taking away numerous lives and destroying the lives of so many, it also left a deep scar in the grindcore community. It took away from us the vocalist and guitarist Mieszko Talarcyzk of the mighty Nasum. The band ceased to exist and the hole left by it has never been properly filled. But now a supergroup has emerged that comes closest to picking up where Nasum left off. I’m talking about the American entity Unrest. Comprised of members from Trenchrot and Woe, this band is the what happens when a bunch of talented musicians from different musical styles come together to pay tribute to one of the greatest grind bands that existed.

Unrest Grindcore

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Imagine Cannibal Corpse drumming and Slayer riffs mixed with vocals which is somewhat fusion between Tom Araya and Chris Barnes. Let’s just say fusion of Cannibal Corpse and Slayer. Totally brutal, isn’t it? That’s what Shards of Humanity debut album ‘Fractured Frequencies’ is. Those blast beats fused with high tempo thrash riffs and growl vocals are such a heartthrob. In the age of modern music where everyone is trying to make mainstream music for the mass, there are still bands like these who stick to the roots and kick major assess with their brutality.

shards cover

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Do you know what happens when you cut the brakes of a high speed train? ‘Feed the Ego’ by Swiss thrashers Algebra brings out the same feeling and effect. The music relentlessly hits one on the face and is one of the better thrash albums to come out in recent times.


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