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Have you ever been in a situation where you’re all excited for a massive alcohol fuelled orgy with good ol’ Lucifer and the gang, but you can’t decide which album to spin? Then, I highly recommend UK based Wolfbastard’s self titled debut on UKEM Record. This filthy combination of black metal and crust punk is absolutely ideal for the situation. The record tosses the listener into 21 minutes of black metal meets d-beat frenzy. Wolfbastard’s music can be described as a rawer and more punky version of Impaled Nazarene. 


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When speaking about brutal death metal, very few names from the UK come to mind while it’s transatlantic neighbour boasts way too many names to count. Apart from a few bands like Amputated and Cerebral Bore, I haven’t really come across death metal of the brutal variety from this part of the world. So when Dawn of Chaos’s first and only full length in 15 years, ‘The Need to Feed’ landed in my inbox, I had to check it out. While some may argue that this album is not truly brutal death metal, the elements of brutality and gore are ever present. What sets this band apart though, is the way they marry Bolt Thrower like hooky riffs, dissonant melody and brutal death metal elements, to create a hybrid sound that is familiar yet fresh.

Dawn of Chaos The Need to Feed

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Like most metalheads out there, I had a time in my life where I worshiped the genre of thrash metal. Back then, thrash was the most exciting thing I’ve heard in my life. And then as the earth completed more revolutions around the sun, the magic was lost. The newer crop of thrashers dont quite appeal to me as the classic ones from the 80’s. I had almost given up on thrash until I stumbled upon Mörti Viventi and it’s latest release ‘The Day the Dead Returned..’ on UKEM Records. Being a George A. Romero fan, the title caught my attention. I came for the title and stayed for the music.


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Europe is the hub for black metal. Though black metal exists outside Europe, the European bands have the better quality and quantity. UK is one place which played a vital role in the shaping of this genre with bands like Venom giving a big boost to black metal. But today, there are very few black metal bands from the UK. Is the black metal scene there dwindling? Or is it just a myth? Judging by this release, it sure looks to be the latter.