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Never judge a book by it’s cover. This is something which can be applied to any field and any situation and even metal is not an exception. I say this because every time I listen to this band, I am reminded of how I first got introduced to them. It happened a few months back when I was attending Black Metal Krieg 3. Although I was familiar with most bands on the roster, Insane Prophecy had always been that one band which I had heard only in passing and never really paid serious attention to. So when a couple of short, nerdy looking kids got on stage, I was quite surprised and completely oblivious to the hell these guys were about to unleash. So that’s why I say, never judge a band based on their looks.


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These days, metal bands try too hard to stand out in an already overcrowded genre. They try to be more brutal, more technical and more dark, that in the process their albums become a type of a serious affair. In such a time, perhaps the only way to stand out is to let go of the usual conventions and just have fun with the music. That is a concept well understood by Bangalore based grind band, Grossty, as illustrated in the band’s self titled debut. By being random, the band has crafted for itself, a sound that can be instantly associated with them.


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Urban Dictionary defines Grossty as something which “Describes something so revolting in nature that the words gross or nasty alone would not be enough”.

Grossty have grown up in the grind hub of Asia-Bangalore. Their music is unpredictable and fun, and that’s what sets it apart from others. The band is scheduled to play at the Transcending Obscurity Fest along with bands like Albatross, Djinn & Miskatonic , Fragarak ,Gutslit, Insane Prophecy ,Cosmic Infusion, Orion and Stark Denial
We had a little chat with them before the gig:

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Thrashfest is right around the corner! Beers and riffs aplenty, Hotel United 21 in Thane on February 9 is the place to be for the no-holds-barred thrash till death mayhem that will leave you broken, beat and scarred. An amazing line-up featuring bands like Devoid, Albatross to Systemhouse 33 will satiate your appetite for destruction to your dark heart’s content. Along with these stellar bands, Chaos- the thrash metal powerhouse from Trivandrum, Kerala- will be more than a welcome surprise for those haven’t heard them live yet. Nikhil N.R, the guitarist of Chaos tells us about the band’s humble beginnings to the recording process of their debut ‘Violent Redemption’.


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Halahkuh – as they suggest-has been borrowed from a descendant of Genghis Khan, Hulagu Khan. Their songs also invoke the same imagery of utter dominance and power.From the time they were formed, these guys have been hitting fans hard like a steamroller, gig after gig until finally they get a slot at Thrashfest, with the country’s best in Thrash.

Metal Gallows interviews Halahkuh ahead of the Thrashfest.


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