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As a young lad in a developing scene, who had just discovered death metal, my introduction to Third Sovereign happened back in 2007 when their full length ‘Destined to Suffer’ came out. The band’s brutal, straightforward approach to death metal fascinated my young mind and it was my first encounter with death metal from India. As the years passed, death metal in the country branched out into different styles while Third Sovereign lie dormant in terms of releases. After 9 years, the band prepares to make a comeback on Transcending Obscurity India with their second full length, titled ‘Perversion Swallowing Sanity’. Though there is a wide gap between the releases, the band’s sound harkens back to the first couple of albums and they manage to sound as brutal as ever.

Third Sovereign Perversion Swallowing Sanity

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When it comes to the Indian metal scene, there seems to be a sudden rise in the number of records coming out in these past two months. This includes one of, if not the most anticipated album of the year. Albatross’s debut full length has been a long time coming and it’s finally getting released on Transcending Obscurity India this week. ‘Fear from the Skies’ has high expectations from the fans, largely thanks to the EP and split the band had released previously. I’m particularly excited for Albatross’s full length, because I find this band to be a breathe of fresh air amongst the legions of extreme metal bands this country has produced. Another aspect about this band that I appreciate is that they’re story tellers. Each track is an experience with a horrific tale behind it.

Albatross Fear from the Skies

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India and Pakistan may have a lot of differences between them. But come to think of it, we share a lot in common. The commonality that interests me in particular, is both nations have some solid metal bands making some good music. Transcending Obscurity India has brought together two doom oriented bands from either side of the border in the form of a split titled ‘Beyond Forgotten Shores’. The bands in participation are Mumbai based Dormant Inferno with their doom death style and Lahore based Dionysus who follow a more blackened approach to the doom genre. Though stylistically different, the music from these bands comes together wonderfully in this split.

Dormant Inferno Dionysus Beyond Forgotten Shores

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This Zine has existed well over a year now. I would like to thank each and every viewer of this page for your continued support that has helped us to grow into what we are today.

Over the period we’ve been operating, we’ve received countless number of promos from underground bands seeking recognition for their work and talent. Looking at some of these artists, it’s a saddening fact that they dont get the level of attention that their skills deserve.  Our primary aim here, in Metal Gallows, is to put the spot light on such bands who’s music simply must be heard.

Death metal is a genre that lot of the promos we receive can be classified under. So for our first compilation, we’ve gathered 18 bands whose music truly phenomenal and must be heard by every fan of the genre. Now the bands here vary from traditional death metal to technical and progressive death metal, with everything in between. So without further ado, here’s Metal Gallows Death Metal Compilation Vol I:

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The one aspect that everyone universally expects from music is memorability. Be it any genre, the listeners always want to hear something that will stay with them for a while after they’ve listened to the album. When dealing with a genre like death metal, catchy song writing is a particularly hard feat to achieve. So death metal bands instead, focus on technicality and brutality as opposed to catchiness. So when I stumbled upon a death metal band that was both progressive and immensely memorable, it came as a surprise indeed.


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