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2015 turned out to be a good year when it comes to metal and it was a particularly good year for death metal. The year end list contenders have more representation from death metal than the other styles. If Affliction Gate’s new EP ‘Dying Alone’ is any signs of things to come, then 2016 shouldn’t be any different from 2015. These Frenchmen already have a couple of EP’s and a full length to their credit. The upcoming addition to their solid discography continues the trend of unleashing well written old school death metal riffs.

Affliction Gate Dying Alone

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Once upon a time, it used to be easy to guess a band’s origin based solely on their sound, especially in the death metal circles. Each scene sported a unique characteristic which would immediately give away a band’s land of origin. In today’s  scenario, globalization has not spared metal and it becomes harder to discern the location based on sound. Take the case of Insision for example. Based on their brand of death metal, one would be inclined to say they’re from the Florida scene. In actuality,  the band hails from Sweden and have been churning out straight up, old school brutal death metal since 1997. The music here is straight forward and has absolutely no frills. Insision are all set to unleash their 4th full length, titled ‘Terminal Reckoning’ after a break of 8 years on Sevared Records.

Insision Terminal Reckoning

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When I hear of a death metal band from India, I usually think of bands playing the same old school riff that has been done to death. But Gaijin’s self titled EP came as a pleasant surprise. This five piece from Mumbai play a form of technical / progressive death metal that does not compromise on the riffs for the sake of technicality and does not adopt the tired old djent tricks in the name of progression. Their sound follows the path of Gorguts, Death (Symbolic era) and the likes. Their debut EP is a refreshing breath of death metal in the Indian death metal fraternity.

Gaijin EP

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The Indian culture has very rich mythologies and philosophies that can aptly serve as the theme for a metal album. Ironically, there are more bands outside India that take inspiration from these themes than  bands within India itself. The latest band to do so, is the one man atmospheric black metal outfit Raventale from Ukraine. The band’s upcoming full length ‘Dark Substance of Dharma’ deals with the philosophies of karma and dharma. Playing a style of doom flavoured atmospheric black metal, the music has a transcendental feel to it and is perfect for talking about these subject matters.


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While Floridian death metal and Swedish death metal have become household names (atleast in metalhead households), the German scene is often overlooked. It’s a shame because, this scene has consistently churned out death metal is unrelentingly brutal and in-your-face. Into Darkness are a fine example for what I’m talking about. Formed in 1995, this band had been plagued by lineup changes which saw them release only one album back in ’97. However, that is not enough to stop this juggernaut and with a renewed lineup they’re back to tear you a new one. The band will release their second full length in 18 years, titled ‘Sinister Demise’, on 11th September 2015 through Rising Nemesis Records.

Into Darkness Sinister Demise

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