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It was another edition of Bangalore Open Air with another one from Teutonic thrash legends, Destruction, headlining on September 13, 2014. The first edition of BOA held in 2012, headlined by Mille Petrozza and co (Kreator), is still the best metal “festival” I have attended. I missed last year’s edition which had long line-up of reputed international bands performing. I missed watching Iced Earth. Iced Earth were supposed to play in the first edition but they had visa problems to come down. Sodom, another band from big 3 of Teutonic thrash, were supposed to play last year, but it got cancelled. In that tradition, Cadaver Mutilator from Italy got cancelled from the bill this year! But that didn’t affect me. Rotting Christ were on the bill that meant I couldn’t do the mistake I did last year and I traveled all the way to Bangalore for this gig held at CounterCulture, Whitefield, Bangalore.

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A little over a month ago, on September 13th, 2014, Bangalore witnessed the third installment of Bangalore Open Air. This time the gig featured Destruction and Rotting Christ as headliners, with the best of IndiaArmament, Girish and the Chronicles, Threinody, Kryptos and The Down Troddence, opening for them.

We happened to be there and our admin Gowthaman Jayapal had his camera by his side. This is what we managed to photograph


Schmier of Destruction

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Sound Awake is back with their third edition of Insurrection, a concert dedicated to all things Metal.

With its second edition comprising of bands like Shepherd, Orchid, Nihilus, Trojan Horse, Dark Desolation and Neolithic Silence, the festival has made a name for itself, bringing some of South India’s most brutal bands together. The third edition crosses the boundaries of the second, bringing down an international bands. The event is a mixed bag, consisting of a variety of genres ranging from ear shattering grind to mellow prog.


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