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It’s quite surprising that we made it to 2016 in one piece. 2015 turned out to be a huge downer of a year with so many tragedies marking the highlights and on a personal front too, it was a tasking period. But speaking purely in terms of metal releases, 2015 is easily one of the best years with chock full of releases spanning the entire metal spectrum. Picking out the top releases in such a year is a task that is easier said than done. For last year’s list, we did a countdown of the ten records which I felt were the best. This time though, the list has been expanded to include 15 albums and the albums are not numbered. The reason behind this, is that each of these albums is as good as the other and the numbering should not be indicative of the quality of the album. With that in mind, here is what made 2015 so memorable in my opinion.


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Led by thrash veteran Steve Smyth, well-known for his guitar duties in bands like Testament, Nevermore and many more, ‘The Final Cull’ is the second full-length release from One Machine, and the first to feature new vocalist Chris Hawkins. And after checking out some songs from their first album I wholeheartedly support their decision to get a new vocalist.

One Machine The Final Cull

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Every week, I makes sure to update my playlist with a few short EPs. These little bundles of music are absolutely perfect when you just have a break of 5-10 minutes and you need something to refresh your brain with. And when you need music to get you pumped up, hardcore punk is the go to genre. There is something about this simple, rebellious genre that makes it easy to switch off your mind and just enjoy the music without a second thought.

Today I present to you two bands that share a few common traits, but sound significantly different from each other. While Bleach Everything dwelve into the extreme side of hardcore punk, Death Motif borrows elements from the hardcore genre and fuses it with extreme black metal and thrash metal to create an interesting combination.


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Over the course of time, certain lyrical contents have become synonymous with certain metal sub genres. So when talking about a German thrash / speed metal band, it is highly likely that they draw inspiration from the great war. And such is the case with the self titled debut of Division Speed. On paper, this album is right up my alley, as I enjoy reading the likes of Alistair Mclean. Unfortunately in this case, the lyrical themes alone are not enough to captivate my attention. The music here is a throwback to the old school Teutonic thrash styles and in many ways it ends up being too familiar.

Division Speed

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The city of joy, Kolkata has always been one of the cultural capitals of India. It’s contributions to the metal scene is also quite significant. The city boasts a duality of bullet belt wearing old school metallers and modern metal miscreants with their metalcore and nu metal stylings. The band in focus here is of the former variety. Armament is a 4 piece thrash band that parties like it’s still the 80’s. Armed with razor sharp thrash riffs and a never ending flow of energy, the band’s debut ‘First Strike’ is a good way to let out one’s inner thrash monster.

Armament First Strike

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