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When I hear of a death metal band from India, I usually think of bands playing the same old school riff that has been done to death. But Gaijin’s self titled EP came as a pleasant surprise. This five piece from Mumbai play a form of technical / progressive death metal that does not compromise on the riffs for the sake of technicality and does not adopt the tired old djent tricks in the name of progression. Their sound follows the path of Gorguts, Death (Symbolic era) and the likes. Their debut EP is a refreshing breath of death metal in the Indian death metal fraternity.

Gaijin EP

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The end of the 1980’s was a very important period in the history of death metal. Bands where adding their own ideas to the traditional death metal sound and the genre itself grew in different directions. The Florida scene was a key area in this period as most of the influential bands originated from here. And speaking of influential bands, Nocturnus is name that is oft forgotten by today’s metalheads. It’s a shame, because this band is the reason we know keyboards can work in death metal and that science fiction elements can be combined occult themes to create a fascinating mix. The band’s debut ‘The Key’ turns 25 this month and even today, the album sounds fresh and entertaining.

Nocturnus The Key

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Eschaton is a rather uncommon term in the English language, inferring to the end of the world. And this exactly what New England based Eschaton lucidly create in their debut album ‘Sentinel Apocalypse’. ‘Sentinel Apocalypse’ is an impeccable confection of technical death metal and deathcore.  Though quite an isolated fusion, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

Eschaton Sentinel Apocalypse

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Both technical metal and symphonic metal are hard to pull off without overdoing the extravagance. So when you decide to combine both to create a technical / symphonic death metal, the challenge is twice as hard. Whorion from Finland, manage to do a pretty good job in combining these genres on their debut full length, ‘The Reign of the 7th Sector’ on Inverse Records. For a debut album, the band manages to avoid most of the pitfalls that their peers get caught in. And the fact that they’re from Finland, ensures that the music has a level of grandiosity to it.

Whorion The Reign of the 7th Sector

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I dont know about you, but I would prefer an album with a solid song writing over an album that is pure technical guitar playing, without a second thought. If you disagree with me on this, then you would probably love ‘Infinite Fields’ by Belarus based two piece Irreversible Mechanism. I was looking forward to listening to this album especially since the promo claimed that this album is (and I quote) “insanely high-quality progressive death metal from the east that takes Beyond Creation and Obscura to task”. How can one not get excited with a statement like that? Sure, the technicality and skill of this band is up there with the mentioned bands. Then again, pure technicality and complex guitar parts that sounds like the band is showing off, is not what I want from an album.

Irreversible Mechanism Infinite Fields

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