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“Art for the sake of art is an empty phrase”. This is something that is lost on so many bands today. While there are bands out there that are furthering the genre of metal, the evolutionary curve of the genre seems to have plateaued out a bit in recent times. Perhaps this is the reason I swing more towards bands like Markradonn. An experimental death metal band from Florida, Markradonn’s music is one that does not pander to the lowest common denominator. When they released their début EP, ‘Final Dying Breath’ back in 2013, it came out of nowhere and steered me towards some of the more ballsy music out there. The way this band mixes brass music, timpani and ethnic percussion with extreme metal is something that has rarely been attempted in metal before. While the first album introduced this concept, the real challenge to take this idea forward and creating more with it. That is exactly what we get in the band’s second EP, ‘The Serpentine Deception’. Markradonn take something they’ve established and expand upon the ideas to create something that is still rooted in the ideas of the first release, but managing to sound fresh at the same time.

Markradonn The Serpentine Deception

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Both technical metal and symphonic metal are hard to pull off without overdoing the extravagance. So when you decide to combine both to create a technical / symphonic death metal, the challenge is twice as hard. Whorion from Finland, manage to do a pretty good job in combining these genres on their debut full length, ‘The Reign of the 7th Sector’ on Inverse Records. For a debut album, the band manages to avoid most of the pitfalls that their peers get caught in. And the fact that they’re from Finland, ensures that the music has a level of grandiosity to it.

Whorion The Reign of the 7th Sector

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We live in sad times where artists are content with following the beaten path in the aspiration to achieve fame and glory. Few dare to carve their own styles and fewer still get it right. Markradonn is a band that I’ve talked a lot about, on this site and in real life. If you dont know who these guys are, they are a band that strives to break the concept of genre-ism. Guitarist Haniel Adhar saysWe are exploring brass in various different metal applications. Which is why the whole “genre” thing doesn’t apply, because we are crossing a lot of metal genres and applying brass to various different ways of writing metal songs“. Timpani, Trombone, Cimbasso, Tuba, Trumpet are a few of the prominent features in this band’s exotic arsenal. The way they use these, has to be heard to be believed.


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Markradonn has always strived to breathe new life into a genre that has been lacking originality. Everything they record is a legit representation of what to expect in a live setting. When May 29th came around, it was time for “The Greatest Show in Hell” which given the climate in Orlando, Florida, was very fitting.


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We’ve talked about Markradonn on numerous occasions on this site. If this is your first time hearing about them, let me give a brief introduction. Markradonn, the brainchild of Haniel Adhar is a metal band from Orlando, Florida, USA. This band has been doing a great job in distinguishing themselves from the multitudes of metal bands over populating the scene today. How, you ask? Firstly their use of real symphonic instruments in their sound, like timpanis, trumpets, french horns etc. is a rare occurrence in metal music as bands prefer to replace all that with keyboards and synthesizers. Secondly, the song writing is highly eclectic and experimental, showing influences from various different sub genres. Now doing all this in the studio is one thing. Imagine recreating the same in a live atmosphere.


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