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There is something very mystical about symphonic death / black metal and it’s evident with the band Bjarm. Sparks of melody and destruction at every landmark moment within the emotions of hatred and aggression, echoing balance of both brutality and emotion, this band is the epicenter of a force which is definitely to be reckoned with, resounding with emotions varying with beautiful voices of an angel to that of the feeling of being ravaged by abominations desecrating your peaceful mind.

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Black metal is one sub-genre of metal which I believe is very versatile and can only turn out to be good if it’s written and played with heart. If you’re only playing black metal because it’s cool and you’re not passionate, you will never be a good black metal artist. It’s not worth it if it’s not from heart and you dont feel every moment of it. I’m not a fan of pure black metal but I love symphonic black metal, because I feel it to be more emotional and connecting than just black metal. It has that emotional connection that tells you it’s written from heart. In the countries like India, black metal is a very rare genre. You’ll find metal bands of all genres but not usually black metal.


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Whenever I check out a new band, if I see the words ‘keyboard’ anywhere in the line up, I automatically turn into a sceptic of the band’s capabilities. It is not that I hate the keyboards as an instrument. Its just that, over the years that I have been listening to metal, I have come across very few bands that have been able to incorporate this instrument in an effective way, that pleased my tastes. The rest of the time, the keyboards always felt like unnecessary additions and they felt over used in the music. The scepticism arose in the case of Cosmic Infusion too. But with only five songs, they managed to lay all my doubts to rest.


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