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Decomposed from Sweden is one of the most engaging bands I discovered by impulsively buying the CD of their 2014 release ‘Devouring’. Decomposed’s brand of meat and potatoes Swedish death metal is instantly alluring and I’ve been waiting for a follow up for quite some time now. Switch to 2016, and the band has now become a one man studio project with Jesper Ekstal handling everything with the help of drummer Emil Leijon. Their latest release, ‘Withering’ showcases how Decomposed has not suffered due to the exit of the other members and the band continues to deliver bludgeoning death metal, which is exactly what I’ve come to expect and love from this band.


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The warlords of heavy metal are back with quite a ferocious package!
With the kings of metal – Manowar, duh – seemingly going on pension (as if that’ll last) as of 2017, who will pick up the mantle as the supreme rulers of the realm? With a slew of brilliant albums behind them, the previous of which being the immortal opus ‘Triumph and Power’ from 2014, Grand Magus surely stand ready and are more than capable!


Grand Magus

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What happens when the busiest man in metal decides that he wants to do something industrial? ‘As Dystopia Beckons’ happens. Rogga Johansson with drummer Brynjar Helgetun (Crypticus) has been releasing death metal albums under the Megascavenger moniker for about 4 years now and their releases usually feature guest appearances by the who’s who of death metal vocalists. ‘As Dystopia Beckons’ is the third full length release from Megascavenger and this time around, things get a turn towards the industrial soundscapes. This particular combination of death metal and industrial has been done quite a lot of times before, but hearing some of death metal’s best musicians tackle this is a whole new experience in itself.

Megascavenger As Dystopia Beckons

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Once upon a time, it used to be easy to guess a band’s origin based solely on their sound, especially in the death metal circles. Each scene sported a unique characteristic which would immediately give away a band’s land of origin. In today’s  scenario, globalization has not spared metal and it becomes harder to discern the location based on sound. Take the case of Insision for example. Based on their brand of death metal, one would be inclined to say they’re from the Florida scene. In actuality,  the band hails from Sweden and have been churning out straight up, old school brutal death metal since 1997. The music here is straight forward and has absolutely no frills. Insision are all set to unleash their 4th full length, titled ‘Terminal Reckoning’ after a break of 8 years on Sevared Records.

Insision Terminal Reckoning

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Given the choice between a band that makes the same type of music on every record and a band that experiments and attempts new things, I’d choose the second band every time. Though new experiments might not always be successful, there’s something satisfying about seeing a band grow from album to album. Take Sweden’s Sideburn for example. Their 2012 release, ‘IV Monument’ was a stoner rock record filled with delicious riffs and a hard rock attitude. While the band’s newest release, ‘Evil or Divine’ continues to harbour these same ideas, it also expands on it with moments of experimentation. Sideburn show that they’ve matured as a band and as songwriters.

Sideburn Evil or Divine

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