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I could throw in some random anecdote here about the history of the Finnish metal scene, but I´d rather just mention that so far this decade Finland has shown new strength with a wave of great psychedelic influenced metal bands and the new full-length from Domovoyd is further proof that the Finns knows how to make trippy metal.

Domovoyd Domovoyd

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With a name like Hard Action, it isn’t hard to see what’s on offer here; simple, modern hard rock with a bit of a punk rock touch. Releasing their debut full length ‘Sinister Vibes’, this 12th June, everything about Hard Action is easy on the ears and the music is nostalgic.

Hard Action Sinister Vibes

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Finnish folklore tells a story of an evil cult inducing chaos among parishioners of old Finnish religions. Three cultists were found to have been performing sacrificial murder and other ghastly acts. The cultists were ultimately condemned to be scorched to death upon a church altar. Save for one well preserved book, others were destroyed. This is the story of ‘Kadotetut’, the full-length album by Vainaja.

vainaja kadotetut

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This beautiful album entitiled ‘Quaternity’ by the band Sabbath Assembly, who refer to themselves as ‘Sacred Folk-Metal’ was a delight to review. This album portrays deep meaning in every song as the drummer Dave Xtian Nuss and vocalist Jamie Myers bring life to church hymns in their own interpretations.


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