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Oregon based death metal four piece band  Burials have teamed up with California based black / death entity Exhausted prayer to release a split album this January. Despite the bands sharing very little common ground in terms of stylistic choices, both these bands have one common aspect in that they both tend to add a chaotic and progressive spin to their respective styles of choice. This split release which is being handled jointly by  Apes Who Looked Up and Rose Quarter Records is my introduction to both these bands. Once again this leads me to stress upon how splits are valuable in discovering new bands with relative ease.

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I´ve always been a fan of split singles and EPs, and especially when its a collaborative effort of two artists. One of my favorite releases of last year was the collaboration EP of Merzbow and Full of Hell, and one of my all-time favorites is the collaboration of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Mike Patton. Collaborations can sometimes bring you the best of both worlds and other times something completely new. On ‘Diade(ms)’, two Italian metal acts, Abaton and Viscera///, swap a few members back and forth on this two-song split single.

Abaton and Viscera/// Diade(ms)

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The human brain is a very complex thing. Give it music that has a smooth flow and structure, chances are that it’ll wander off quite easily. On the other hand, when you introduce the mind to some unrelenting chaos, it stays focused and sharp. This behavior of the human mind thriving in presence of chaos was experienced by me while listening to the new split release between two Australian hardcore outfits that go by the names Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt and Jxckxlz. Now how could someone resist the temptation to listen to music by bands with names like these? I gave in to the temptation and I’m truly glad I did.


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Looking at the present day scenario, with all the political and war tensions, perhaps grindcore is the most apt sub genre to listen to. It serves the ultimate ‘fuck you’ to all forms of oppression. And what better band to deliver it than Belgian mincecore forefathers, Agathocles. This is perhaps the only band which is known for it’s innumerable split releases than it’s full length. This band is back once again with another split and this time it’s with India’s very own Nauseate who cite Agathocles as their prime influence. So this split is a like a union that was meant to be.


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