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Often times I find myself giving up completely on certain sub genres and then I end up listening to one album that gets me hooked again. I thought I had given up on the genre of brutal death metal and it’s horde of dumbed down slam bands. That perception got destroyed with the very first spin of Carnivorous Voracity’s debut full length, ‘The Impious Doctrine’. This record is not a revelation in this tried and tested genre. Rather, it’s a statement that music can be made to sound viciously brutal without packing in slam after intolerable slam.

Carnivorous Voracity The Impious Doctrine

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With the increasing number of bands choosing the progressive or experimental (or any of the other derivative sub genres) route to black metal, there seems to be a craving in me for the more raw stuff. I’m talking about the no frills, jarringly abrasive noise that says a big fuck you to everything conventional. So it’s a good thing that I found Balmog when I did. This Spanish three piece’s 2010 EP ‘Necroangel’s Revelations’ was recently re-released by Blackseed Productions ahead of the band’s upcoming second full length. This EP screams out black metal from start to finish and what sets this band apart from most second wave clone bands, is the way the music doesn’t sound contrived.

Balmog Necroangel's Revelations

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Some of the music that falls under the niche category of grindcore, is the type of noise one would use to torture one’s enemies. Then again, there are people like me, who crave this harsh atonal barrage to drown out the screams within their heads. Enter Disturbance Project from Spain. The recent compilation output from this four piece is called ‘Grite Mientras Puedas’, which translates to ‘Scream While You Can’. The album name and the band name together, presents a clear cut idea of what the music sounds like – unrelenting assault on sanity.

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Started in 2012 as a duo, but now functioning as a one man operation, Conjuro Nuclear has already managed to produce two full-length albums as well as a couple of demos. The latest self-titled shows a songwriter hungry for experimentation and exploring with different influences. It´s a mix of many things, mainly black metal, punk and goth.


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Bokluk is a new death metal band from Spain but holy shit, does it kick ass or what? It scrapes ass. This kind of heaviness with that grating quality hasn’t come out since perhaps Gruesome Stuff Relish. Bokluk however sounds like early Carnage and Nihilist crossed with Repulsion – it’s overwhelming. In a time when old school bands are too generic, this band stands out with its undiluted vision and crushing heaviness. Obliterating.


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