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Canadian four-piece Iskra, make use of the black metal / crust punk template to issue one of the most savage statements against capitalism in recent times. The band’s third full length titled ‘Ruins’ was initially released back in 2015. It’s a good thing that Southern Lord Recordings are reissuing this album this year, as this album deserves more attention. The music is absolutely vicious in it’s intensity and rarely do Iskra let up during the course of the record. Right from the start, the abrasiveness is set to 11, making this an album not for the fainthearted.


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The combination of death metal and hardcore has over the years, earned a bad reputation largely thanks to the hordes of deathcore acts that forced breakdown after breakdown into their songs, making them a pathetic excuse for heaviness. This combination is not always bad though. The brutality of death metal and the aggression of hardcore, match each other perfectly, making them possibly one of the best suited combinations. California, United States based five piece Xibalba, know this and they manage to nail the sweet spot between the two genres. The band’s third full length, ‘Tierra Y Libertad’, released onĀ Southern Lord Recordings, is an example of how to fuse death metal with hardcore effectively, without coming off as a one in a million deathcore band.

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