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I remember the times when I used to listen to every other album that had the tag brutal death metal attached to it. That was when I first stumbled across the sick world of slam. Today though, I keep my eyes out only for a very few bands of this type. This style of metal quickly lost its allure with every other band just stringing slams together, showing barely little sign of innovation. But one of the albums that I did wait for is Kraanium’s ‘Chronicles  of Perversion’. This is mainly because I remember having so much fun listening to their previous release, the fantastic ‘Post Mortal Coital Fixation’. The Norwegians have followed it up pretty well with their upcoming release.

Kraanium Chronicles of Perversion

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The metal bands these days can belong to one of two categories. They can either be bands that are trying to come up with something new by mixing two genres or by creating a brand new sound of their own. Or they can be bands that take up an established genre while aiming to execute it perfectly, thus giving the listeners a good time. Biopsy from Mumbai, India is a three piece that belongs in the later category. With their debut EP titled ‘Fractals of Derangement’ the band delivers some crushing music in the form of death metal of the brutal variety.

Biopsy Fractals of Derangement

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When dealing with Brutal Death Metal, the things that immediately spring to mind are rough production, wailing of highly distorted guitars, a wall of noise attempting to pulverize the listener with sheer brutality and highly incomprehensible vocal work. I did not expect anything different when receiving the promo of Parasitic Ejaculation’s debut. In this album, they have done many things right and one of those things, was proving all such expectations wrong.


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Is change a good thing in the world of metal? What happens when an established band decides to experiment and change their sound a little bit? It can go two ways. It can result in abominations like ‘St.Anger’ and ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’. Or it can result is successful albums like ‘Cowboys From Hell’ or the recent ‘The Underground Resistance’. What effect do little changes have on this particular record?


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