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Given the choice between a band that makes the same type of music on every record and a band that experiments and attempts new things, I’d choose the second band every time. Though new experiments might not always be successful, there’s something satisfying about seeing a band grow from album to album. Take Sweden’s Sideburn for example. Their 2012 release, ‘IV Monument’ was a stoner rock record filled with delicious riffs and a hard rock attitude. While the band’s newest release, ‘Evil or Divine’ continues to harbour these same ideas, it also expands on it with moments of experimentation. Sideburn show that they’ve matured as a band and as songwriters.

Sideburn Evil or Divine

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There used to be a time when the riff was the protagonist. The riffs were simple in their structure and yet so effective in carrying the entire song forward. That time is described by many as the golden era of heavy metal before the technological advancements changed the game completely. If you are someone who misses the good old days of riff based heavy music, then fret not. Sideburn, with their heavy stoner rock tunes, take the listeners back to the good ol’ days of metal.


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