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Music needn’t always be accessible and short entertainment pieces that engage the listener for a few minutes. Sometimes music can deliver a much deeper experience. When it comes to the realm of metal, bands like Inquisition, Dodheimsgard etc. are known to create music that leaves the listener in a deep meditative state. While Shroud of the Heretic doesn’t sound like the aforementioned bands, the music they create tends to have similar effects. The band’s second full length ‘Unorthodox Equilibrium’ sees the band continue in the direction they set on with their debut. The atmosphere heavy death metal sound seems to be amplified this time, with a sound that is much more suffocating and songs that are relatively longer.

Shroud of the Heretic Unorthodox Equilibrium

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The occult and metal have always shared a close relationship. Over the years, numerous band have incorporated themes of the occult and esotericism into their lyrical content and at times, even the music itself. Bands succeed more often in the former, than the latter, because attempts mixing occult themes with the song writing often end up sounding cheesy. Shroud of the Heretic is a band that succeeds where most other bands fail, as they conjure up one of the most twisted and evil sounding record to come out this year.


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