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Describing your own music is something most musicians is uncomfortable with. Its easy to go a little overboard and come off as preposterous when you are satisfied with your latest work. Obsidian Kingdom describe themselves as “hard to classify heavy music with plenty of contrast”, and its actually quite fitting. Hailing from Barcelona, Obsidian Kingdom released a couple of EPs before ‘Mantiis’, their first full-length was self-released in 2012, with a limited print. They have since signed with Season of Mist who has reissued the album and brought the band a wider audience.

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Anger is an emotion that flows quite easily in the metal community. It is one of the most expressed emotions in metal songs over the years. Though there are many angry bands out there, the way the anger is expressed is quite unimaginative most of the time. What bands fail to understand is that when anger is expressed more creatively, it has a much better impact than when done a in-your-face brutal to the core manner. Corrupt Moral Altar is an angry band that knows how to express it and their debut full length ‘Mechanical Tides’ is a testament to this.


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Before you go ahead and call me a sadist by looking at the title, no, I do not enjoy watching people die (duh!). What I do enjoy is some good, solid death metal that makes me go wild. I am not the type of person that likes his death metal to have a specific flavour. But I know there are some of you out there who like it old school and some others who like the modern stuff. So for this article, I’ve tried to include bands from both sides of the fence.


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In no way was I excited for this review I had my eyes set upon being disappointed. I was certain that I would not like this record at all. A few weeks prior to it’s release I remember hearing that my favorite front man would be a part of this album. As soon as I had heard that, excitement over took me, curiosity followed in suit, and I waited to hear that one song. But as time progressed I found that I had forgotten about the release date. It would not be until a few days after the initial release that I would hear it. At first I didn’t know what to expect seeing this was my first encounter with Cannabis Corpse. The name was familiar but as far the music was concerned I couldn’t tell you a thing about how they sounded-other than stating the obvious “they are death metal”.

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The true test of a band’s skill and consistency, is when they make an album after a long period of absence. The so called “comeback album”, measures the band’s ability to make good quality music despite staying dormant for an extended period of time. 2013 seems to be filled with such comeback albums, with big league bands like Carcass and Black Sabbath putting out albums after quite some time. Canadian Avant Garde Death Metal veterans Gorguts are the next ones in line.


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