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The genre of metal is very diverse. It is so diverse that one can spend 10 minutes of one’s life either listening to a single doom metal track, or an entire grindcore album.  If you are one to choose the latter option, then Hrust Kostilyo’s latest EP, ‘Degradation, Manipulation, Mobilization’ might be the album you’re looking for. These Russians deliver 10  dissentient  tracks in a little above 10 minutes and they do it with absolute brutality.

Hrust Kostilyo Degradation Manipulation Mobilization

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Djent is a genre I’m fairly new to, only familiar with a few songs by the Swedish forefathers of the genre, Meshuggah. It was definitely a mixed experience. I came across a band called Sequence of Discord while youtubing for djent bands, and most of what I came across were hardly melodic and were merely a myriad of open notes with an occasional pinch harmonic, but two bands stood out, two bands from what I came across, Sequence of Discord and Walking Across Jupiter.


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There is something very mystical about symphonic death / black metal and it’s evident with the band Bjarm. Sparks of melody and destruction at every landmark moment within the emotions of hatred and aggression, echoing balance of both brutality and emotion, this band is the epicenter of a force which is definitely to be reckoned with, resounding with emotions varying with beautiful voices of an angel to that of the feeling of being ravaged by abominations desecrating your peaceful mind.

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The band Bastion, out with their new album ‘Vremya Borby’ lash out with much fury and intensity with their dominating hard-hitting pagan folk metal. The concept of their music lies with the guitar riffs powering through the songs whilst engulfed in rhythmic yet fury driven bass and drums. The vocals on the other hand is the odd one out among the mix but distinctive it may be, the vocals fit into the keyhole that is moulded up by the music.

CD cover

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