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Rhapsody of Fire is a Symphonic Power Metal band from Italy who are known to be one the pioneers in their sub-genre. The band is popular for fantasy lyrics written by founders Alex Staropoli and Luca Turilli. They started with ‘The Emerald Sword Saga’ followed by sequel, ‘The Dark Secret Saga’. It concluded in their last album ‘From Chaos Till Internity’ (2011) which also served as the last album for co-founder and guitarist Luca Turilli with the band. After that album , the band split in half with other half known as Rhapsody and referred to as Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody. All lyrics till now were written by keyboardist Alex Staropoli and guitarist Luca Turilli. ‘Darks Wings of Steel’ marks the first Rhapsody Of Fire album without Turilli writing lyrics. Lyrics were written by Alex Staropoli and vocalist Fabio Lione. The band still kept the theme of fantasy lyrics in this album. Is it a start of new saga?


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