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Earlier this year, I randomly came across a Facebook post which said that some bloke called Joel Grind was giving away his first solo album for free download on his bandcamp page. Looking at the name and artwork of the album (he called it ‘The Yellowgoat Sessions’), I naturally was intrigued. Little did I know that I was about to discover a musician whose genius cannot be contained in a few words. This guy has been as active as quicksilver, with his numerous side projects aside from his main project i.e. Toxic Holocaust. What is fascinating about this, is each and every project of his, has a unique sound and no two projects sound the same! Coming back to his main project, Toxic Holocaust had been silent for almost a year, before announcements came that a new album was in the works and immediately this album shot up to the top of the ‘Albums I look forward to list’. After some impatient waiting, it is finally here.

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Are you on the lookout for a new band that out brutalizes every other band out there? Searching for something that is filled with riffs written in such a way that its sole purpose seems to be to squish your head to a pulp? Do you want a fast, mind numbing wall of noise? Then this is NOT the album that you are looking for. Because, Exhumed has come out with something that you might not have heard from them till now. They have released a very mature album.


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I had always pictured Japan as a land of technology, anime and bubbly J-pop music. But on listening to Coffins for the first time, surprise hit me hard like a massive sledgehammer. This band was nothing like the other stuff, that I’ve heard coming out of Japan. It appears that I’ve been missing out on a big metal scene from the island country.


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Is change a good thing in the world of metal? What happens when an established band decides to experiment and change their sound a little bit? It can go two ways. It can result in abominations like ‘St.Anger’ and ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’. Or it can result is successful albums like ‘Cowboys From Hell’ or the recent ‘The Underground Resistance’. What effect do little changes have on this particular record?


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