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Unpredictability in general is something that people would prefer to do without in almost all aspects of life. The exception to this is art, where in unpredictability serves to exhilarate and shock the audience for purposes of entertainment. This extends to heavy music as well and these days avant-garde bands are not too rare to stumble upon. Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, from Texas, USA is a band whose experimental take on sludge / punk ensures that the music is rife with the above mentioned unpredictability. Recently, this band released a short four track EP titled ‘Teenage Graveyard Party’ on the occasion of their tour in Asia. The band’s fascination with drone, doom, sludge, noise and punk comes together to create 4 tracks that are diverse, eclectic and weirdly ominous sounding.

Heavy Baby Sea Slugs

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The Japanese black thrash duo Abigail have been churning out dark, evil albeit fun records for over 20 years now. So when I noticed that frontman Yasuyuki Suzuki is putting out a new record under his side project Barbatos this year, I couldn’t help but get excited. Unfortunately ‘Straight Metal War’ isn’t quite what I expected it to be. Losing the blackened toned for a straight forward old school heavy metal approach, Barbatos tries to celebrate everything old school. But between the sloppy guitar work and the ridiculous vocals, this record comes off as a total mess.

Barbatos Straight Metal War

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Halshug (that’s Danish for ‘behead’) is a powerful trio formed in Copenhagen only a couple of years ago, but they have already managed to build a following with their brutal, raw sounding d-beat crust-punk. ‘Blodets Bånd’ is their first full-length and will be issued by one of the best labels around these days, Southern Lord, who gave us two of last years most intense punk / hardcore releases with Torch Runner’s ‘Endless Nothings’ and Baptist’s ‘Bloodmines’. They’re coming out hard at the start of 2015 with Halshug.

Halshug Blodets Band

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Back in my early years of getting into heavy music, the attitude and rebellious nature of punk rock had a greater influence on me than heavy metal did. Over the years though, the small number of punk bands still operating weren’t enough to satisfy my hunger and thus began my foray into heavy metal and its sub genres. Listening to Ottawa, Canada based Zex reminds me of those moments where I stood pumping my clenched fist in the air, shouting along to the chorus sections of many a punk band. Their debut ‘Fight for Yourself’ tips a hat to the late 70’s punk culture while at the same time subscribing to the pop catchiness.

Zex Fight for Yourself

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Ever wonder what happened to the good old days of music where bands just liked to kick back and have some fun without focusing too much on sounding technical, brutal or progressive? I’m talking about the type of music that just makes you rock out without a care in the world.

ZEX, a four piece from Ottawa, Canada are all just about that – rocking out old school style.


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