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Punishment 18 Records have been signing up great underground thrash bands in the last few years and lots of quality thrash albums have been released in recent times by these bands. Now,  here come these Greek thrashers Chronosphere under the same umbrella with their 2nd album.


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Whenever you meet a fan of thrash metal and ask that person what his / her favourite album is, there is a very high chance that the person will name an album from the 80’s. If there is one thing to be learnt from this, it is that the best way to do thrash metal is the old school way. This is a fact that many of the modern thrash bands seem to understand and very often, they’re seen trying to emulate that old school thrash sound. But then again, there are only a few modern thrash bands that seem to be capable of truly evoking the 80’s thrash spirit. Judging by their debut album, Battery from Denmark is a band that both understands the old school ideology and is also successful in imitating it.


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Brazil has remained one of the favourite place for all the thrash fans across the globe for the quality and the number of thrash bands that have emerged from this football crazy country. Woslom is another one of those bands which keeps the thrash flag high in the continent and has managed to create its own identity in the midst of the emergence of the dozens of thrash bands with each passing day. Over the years after listening to dozens of the thrash bands, I realize that thrash metal has more flavour and variety to it than most people recognise. Woslom gives you that different flavour of thrash not commonly heard these days, and its not a bad one by any means!


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