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A large percentage of the promos that get sent our way consists of EPs and singles. While an EP is relatively easier and less time consuming to review, I always felt iffy about reviewing a one or two track EP as there is usually not much to say. So in order to overcome this problem, I present to you Quick Draw Reviews, where we’ll be focussing on short EPs that land in our inbox.

On our first edition, we focus on two short EPs from India. These two EPs are kind of representative of the diverse range of extreme music emanating from this country. While Death by Fungi from Mumbai lay emphasis on simplistic, DIY hardcore punk, Beastial Murder from Kerala, focus on the modern and progressive wings of death metal.


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I dont know about you, but I would prefer an album with a solid song writing over an album that is pure technical guitar playing, without a second thought. If you disagree with me on this, then you would probably love ‘Infinite Fields’ by Belarus based two piece Irreversible Mechanism. I was looking forward to listening to this album especially since the promo claimed that this album is (and I quote) “insanely high-quality progressive death metal from the east that takes Beyond Creation and Obscura to task”. How can one not get excited with a statement like that? Sure, the technicality and skill of this band is up there with the mentioned bands. Then again, pure technicality and complex guitar parts that sounds like the band is showing off, is not what I want from an album.

Irreversible Mechanism Infinite Fields

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Trinergic, the melodic death metal band from Mumbai (India) which has been making waves all over the Indian Metal scene with its melodic compositions and fiery live performances, recently launched a countdown on their Facebook page which hinted at a “Big Announcement” to be made around the weekend. The band’s members and crew had kept the announcement a well-guarded secret leading up to the big reveal on Sunday – the addition of Nepal’s drumming Prodigy Jay Ram Karki to the band.

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Some bands become popular within a matter of few days and most of the time it is for all the wrong reasons. And then there are bands like Fragarak, who get recognized for all the right ones. If anyone had asked me about this band a couple of years ago, I would have not been able to tell you anything at all. Ask me the same question now, and I just might end up talking for hours about how awesome this band is. Such is the effect that Fragarak has had on me.


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The one aspect that everyone universally expects from music is memorability. Be it any genre, the listeners always want to hear something that will stay with them for a while after they’ve listened to the album. When dealing with a genre like death metal, catchy song writing is a particularly hard feat to achieve. So death metal bands instead, focus on technicality and brutality as opposed to catchiness. So when I stumbled upon a death metal band that was both progressive and immensely memorable, it came as a surprise indeed.


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