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“Cave man metal” is a term often used by critics (including yours truly) to address music that is dumbed down for the least common denominator. Primitiv proves to a be an exception where the band embraces the idea of primitive sounding music to create a death metal album that is unapologetically heavy and relentless in its intent to crush everything. The band’s debut album ‘Immortal & Vile’ comes off as a concept album of sorts, where Primitiv cross the thresholds of sounding old school, taking the music into ancient realms. Every element of the music lends itself to the ancient feel of the music, resulting in a coherent and well put together album.

Primitiv Immortal & Vile

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Arguably one of the oldest metal festivals India has seen, Domination: The Deathfest kicks off with it’s sixth edition. The yearly single-genre fest(which had a huge comeback last year featuring acts such as Gutslit, Orion, Exhumation and Insane Prophecy) is back with a even more powerful line up and a unique idea for a tribute to the lords of Death metal.

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