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I am one for a good tale or two that is for sure, and with this album, when first approaching it, it reads as though it is going to be a great whirlwind of an album. The length of some of the songs, with five of the songs going over the 7-minute mark, makes me look forward to hearing what Evertale has done in regards to their music. The title itself – ‘Of Dragons and Elves’, is what makes this more of an intrigue.

This may be because currently I am on more of a pagan / folk / power metal course with my taste, but when you find some stellar music, especially finding bands that can possibly give the likes of Symphony X and Iron Maiden a run for their money in terms of lyrical content, is quite exciting.

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When it comes to the Indian metal scene, there seems to be a sudden rise in the number of records coming out in these past two months. This includes one of, if not the most anticipated album of the year. Albatross’s debut full length has been a long time coming and it’s finally getting released on Transcending Obscurity India this week. ‘Fear from the Skies’ has high expectations from the fans, largely thanks to the EP and split the band had released previously. I’m particularly excited for Albatross’s full length, because I find this band to be a breathe of fresh air amongst the legions of extreme metal bands this country has produced. Another aspect about this band that I appreciate is that they’re story tellers. Each track is an experience with a horrific tale behind it.

Albatross Fear from the Skies

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Of all the sub genre mixes I’ve come across, the one that seemed truly weird is the mix of black metal and power metal. Power metal, a genre known for it’s excessive cheesy indulgence, especially in the vocal section, is the polar opposite of the nihilistic and minimalistic attitude that black metal embodies. Yet, these are the two genres that USA’s Satan’s Host are known to cross breed. This four piece from Denver, Colorado, get ambitious with their seventh full length and are set to release not one, but two albums titled ‘Pre-Dating God’ (Part 1 and 2) on Moribund Records.

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Last year, I came across this band from Athens, Greece called Sorrows Path and I went on to review their debut full length released in 2010. Ever since, I’ve been looking forward to the follow up and it’s finally here. Sorrows Path have finally come out with the second full length titled ‘Doom Philosophy’. For those who are unaware, this is band that unfortunately has experienced the doom first hand with their tragic history which includes the death of former members of the band. What these guys have gone through in real life, they manage to voice it out in the form of their music and they are quite good in doing so.

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Kriver, a five piece band hailing from Brazil, seems to have pulled off the combination of power and death together so well, that it inspired me to write about it! It is definitely strange to see elements of death metal in a power metal band, some of us would think of it as a musical abomination, but let me clear this up. Kriver has executed this mix to excellent proportions. The songs still hold the true essence of power metal with touches of death vocals which make it nothing but fiercer. The vocalist does a mighty job with a very mighty voice, his medieval ballad style singing truly is amazing!

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