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I first heard Tombs around the release of their second album ‘Path of Totality’ in 2011, and I was somewhat mesmerized. Their mix of black metal, hardcore, doom and post-punk was brilliant to say the least, and I felt an urgent need to hear more from this band. Since then the band has gone through yet another lineup change, guitarist / vocalist Mike Hill, the sole founding member at this point, and perhaps this latest change was exactly what the band needed. Once again released by Relapse Records, ‘Savage Gold’ is the third album by Tombs (not counting 2010’s rarities compilation ‘Fear is the Weapon’) and marks a significant change sonically.


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Started in 2012 as a duo, but now functioning as a one man operation, Conjuro Nuclear has already managed to produce two full-length albums as well as a couple of demos. The latest self-titled shows a songwriter hungry for experimentation and exploring with different influences. It´s a mix of many things, mainly black metal, punk and goth.


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