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Diving into the wretched sea of goregrind, listeners can expect one of two things: music that pushes the human experience to the extreme limits, talking about things that are often considered taboo, or music that is self aware and makes fun of itself and the style in general. This dichotomy of goregrind offers an interesting insight into the genre and is not something that most other styles exhibit. Regardless of the tone in which it is delivered, the subject remains vile and filthy, making it a style that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

For the purpose of this article, two goregrind bands are put under the microscope and though both share a lot of things in common, they’re the polar opposites of what this style of music has to offer.


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At a time when every one is intent on being more technical than every other band, perhaps success lies not in being as technical as one can be. What’s more important rather, is to be able to come up with music that sounds complex, but just enough to keep someone intrigued and not so much as to lose the listener’s interest. Portuguese five piece Annihilation’s newest EP, ‘The Undivided’ is an example for what I’m talking about. This album showcases how songwriting should take a higher precedence than complexity. Self released on 4th November, 2014, the six tracks on the record have a streamlined flow of technicality and brutality

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