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Poland has long been a breeding ground for quality death metal, bands like Decapitated, Vader and Behemoth, who are among the biggest names out there, and granted a lot of bands doing what these bands are known for. But there’s still interesting stuff to be found in the underground. Like Kult Mogil.

Released on the very credible Pagan Records, ‘Anxiety Never Descending’ is the debut full-length of Kult Mogil. Released on CD,  Christmas eve 2015, with vinyl and, (so all you trve kvlt fvcks can play this on your shitty cassette deck to get that raw, authentic sound) cassette coming in 2016.

Kult Mogil Anxiety Never Descending

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When one thinks of the grand piano, the music often associated with it are classical compositions and maybe even jazz. Though the grand piano has been used in metal music over the years, the utilization has been limited to just a few tracks and fillers. When Sunrise Black claimed in their mail that they are probably the only metal band to use the piano as a main instrument in their music, I was sceptical. But having searched far and wide in the internet and not having coming up with any other names, I guess the claim is not so far-fetched after all. Using a new instrument in metal music is nothing new. But the way the new element is added in coherence with other familiar elements is what sets a band apart. This is exactly what this four piece from Malbork, Poland aim for.


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War. This is a sensitive subject which has captured the attention and serves as an inspiration to many an artist. It serves as the subject matter for too many works of art. In literature, there are works by Lord Alfred Tennyson, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Alistair Maclean etc. In the field of cinema too, we have witnessed innumerable films depicting the various aspects of warfare. Metal music, was not far behind to catch up. Bands like Bolt Thrower, Sodom, Hail Of Bullets etc, have spoken about war throughout the length of their discography. The latest band to join the ranks of such bands is Preludium from Poland.


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