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Arguably one of the oldest metal festivals India has seen, Domination: The Deathfest kicks off with it’s sixth edition. The yearly single-genre fest(which had a huge comeback last year featuring acts such as Gutslit, Orion, Exhumation and Insane Prophecy) is back with a even more powerful line up and a unique idea for a tribute to the lords of Death metal.

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When it comes to the Indian Metal Scene, if there is one place where one can look for some quality, underground bands delivering some solid extreme metal, then that place would be the North East. This land of the hills has given rise to some of the big names in extreme metal like Alien Gods, IIIrd Sovereign, Agnostic, Dark Carnage etc. Plague Throat is one such band, which had been causing shock waves in the underground scene for quite some time. Now, it is the time for these underground mammoths to unleash their debut record. So how have they fared in this venture?

Plague Throat - Album Art

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