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Dødheimsgard’s recent release, ‘A Umbra Omega’ is undoubtedly one of the most difficult albums for me to talk about. It’s not that the album is so bad or so good that I cant find words to describe it. Rather, it’s because I do not understand this album completely. Maybe I never will. But that is what Dødheimsgard is known for and they’ve been doing this ever since they came out with 1999’s ‘666 International’. They’ve now released their most complex and weird album to date with this one. This album is so twisted and dumbfounding that even after listening to this for an entire month, I cant wrap my head around it. I still do not know for sure whether I like this album or not.

Dødheimsgard A Umbra Omega

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About 6 years after the biggest Norwegian Black Metal band found out that they are going stale and did a major genre transition from shrieking Satanic hymns to singing cheesy ballads about metal and everything that follows it, comes the biggest and best release since then. The masters of the dark have suddenly become the masters of versatility. The Underground Resistance is clearly a benchmark on the band’s discography, and notably one of the best albums of the year.


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When listening to music, the first thing I expect from a band is, for them to provide enough variations, either in terms of composition, song writing, pace shifts etc., that would keep me hooked to the music that they are delivering. While a few bands manage to do that now and then, some bands have been doing it throughout their career, in almost all their releases. One such band, is the legendary Death Metal band, Autopsy.


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