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This Zine has existed well over a year now. I would like to thank each and every viewer of this page for your continued support that has helped us to grow into what we are today.

Over the period we’ve been operating, we’ve received countless number of promos from underground bands seeking recognition for their work and talent. Looking at some of these artists, it’s a saddening fact that they dont get the level of attention that their skills deserve.  Our primary aim here, in Metal Gallows, is to put the spot light on such bands who’s music simply must be heard.

Death metal is a genre that lot of the promos we receive can be classified under. So for our first compilation, we’ve gathered 18 bands whose music truly phenomenal and must be heard by every fan of the genre. Now the bands here vary from traditional death metal to technical and progressive death metal, with everything in between. So without further ado, here’s Metal Gallows Death Metal Compilation Vol I:

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When I ask you to describe a band that truly represents what death metal is, your mind will probably hark back to the old school legends like Death, Possessed and Cannibal Corpse, right? Now let me ask you another question. Name bands that represent all aspects of death metal including progressions, technicality, brutality and melody. Well, whatever few bands pop into your head, it’s time that you added another band to that list. I’m talking about Cognitive, a new band hailing out of New Jersey.


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