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At the initial listen, I was intrigued by the sound of Pakistan based Realm Unseen’s ‘The Origin’– with its phone call start and to be startled by the following track and its start. It works as a concept, as the intro plays it so that the startling is one that can be seemingly justified.

album cover

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India and Pakistan may have a lot of differences between them. But come to think of it, we share a lot in common. The commonality that interests me in particular, is both nations have some solid metal bands making some good music. Transcending Obscurity India has brought together two doom oriented bands from either side of the border in the form of a split titled ‘Beyond Forgotten Shores’. The bands in participation are Mumbai based Dormant Inferno with their doom death style and Lahore based Dionysus who follow a more blackened approach to the doom genre. Though stylistically different, the music from these bands comes together wonderfully in this split.

Dormant Inferno Dionysus Beyond Forgotten Shores

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Multinational Corporations is band that every underground zine has been going crazy about. Their debut EP ‘Jamat-al-Maut’ has been praised by critics all around the globe and with good reason.

‘Jamat-al-Maut’ is a short yet powerful crust punk / grindcore record that makes a strong impression with its crusty punk music and hard hitting lyrics. The EP now gets a CD release through Salute Records by the end of April, followed by a cassette release by Extreme Terror Productions.

We got an opportunity to talk to the duo behind this strong release and here’s how it went…


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No matter how many styles exist out there, that speak about rebelling against authority, none would ever come close to the glory of Punk. This is the music that stands for rebelling against any and all forms of oppression. Alas, this music of the rebels has fallen from its former glory and today there are only a handful of bands that still adhere to this style. Multinational Corporations is one such duo, hailing from Lahore, Pakistan.


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