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Such an invigorating sound masked in a tone of great inner emotion that gives deliverance to those treading the path of doom. Protokult is a Toronto based folk / pagan metal band. ‘No Beer In Heaven’ is definitely a palette of peaceful ambient melody and vibrant folk elements coupled with brilliant production and solid layers of artistic yet heavy guitar, bass and drums. Having said that, the band mainly portrays an ambiance of celebration and soothing ceremonial gatherings where folks frolic and men of old tell tales of their adventures as they wait at death’s door. Some of the songs also possess a hint of darkness that show signs of origins from darker roots of pagan / black metal.

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With an intro, outro and only a few actual songs sandwiched between, this album ‘Forgotten Pride’ has a mid-range pace to it that just stays the same through the very few actual songs in the album. The Austrian pagan black metal band Woodtemple have me intrigued to no end. woodtemple - forgotten pride digibook cover Continue Reading

The band Bastion, out with their new album ‘Vremya Borby’ lash out with much fury and intensity with their dominating hard-hitting pagan folk metal. The concept of their music lies with the guitar riffs powering through the songs whilst engulfed in rhythmic yet fury driven bass and drums. The vocals on the other hand is the odd one out among the mix but distinctive it may be, the vocals fit into the keyhole that is moulded up by the music.

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Europe is the hub for black metal. Though black metal exists outside Europe, the European bands have the better quality and quantity. UK is one place which played a vital role in the shaping of this genre with bands like Venom giving a big boost to black metal. But today, there are very few black metal bands from the UK. Is the black metal scene there dwindling? Or is it just a myth? Judging by this release, it sure looks to be the latter.