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My love for Fragarak, the progressive death metal outfit from Delhi, would be very apparent to all my readers. I mean, what possible reason could one have to not like well executed, technically sound death metal with a healthy respect for melody? With this band on the bill for the upcoming Outrage Festival, I could not give up the opportunity to interview them. Hope I didn’t come as too much of a fanboy. In any case, here’s how it went… 10176219_658239057564495_2823774100132320150_n Continue Reading

The history of extreme metal in India would be incomplete without the mention of a band called IIIrd Sovereign. Hailing originally from Mizoram, this band emerged as the flag bearers for the extreme metal scene not only in the north east, but the country as a whole. After their formation in 2003, the band soon shifted base to Delhi, where they garnered acclaim from critics and crowd.


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Some bands become popular within a matter of few days and most of the time it is for all the wrong reasons. And then there are bands like Fragarak, who get recognized for all the right ones. If anyone had asked me about this band a couple of years ago, I would have not been able to tell you anything at all. Ask me the same question now, and I just might end up talking for hours about how awesome this band is. Such is the effect that Fragarak has had on me.


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Metal is a word which most of the people here are clueless about. People who learnt science and aren’t aware of what musical genres are out there would be like “Are you talking about Iron, Steel or Aluminium? Because that is Metal”. You ask a normal person who actually had heard rumours about metal, would claim that its Satan’s music. To hardcore Catholics, it’s Satan’s music.  On and on, metal gets misinterpreted.

India is one of those countries where the fans would give their heart and life for Iron Maiden because most of them fell for metal thanks to this band. Thus providing a whole new level of exposure, Indian metal heads started to form bands. It all began from the days of 80s which we wouldn’t know about.  Metal has two scenarios. Old school and new school followers. Some are unknown since they are neutral.


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