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A perfect blend of Death Metal and melody. I used to wonder if such a thing can even exist! Evidence from the music of most Melodic Death Metal bands today, suggested otherwise, as they were over saturated with melody to the point that they became simple melodic metal with harsh vocals. But, if there is one band that could pull off the perfect ratio of both Death Metal and melody, it ought to be a band that have proved their merit in both the fields. That is exactly what Carcass had done in the past and now, with their comeback album about to be unleashed, they prove that they are the right band to accomplish the task of delivering the perfect mix.


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In today’s metal scene, there are very few bands that have shown consistent quality outputs. Even the best of bands have had some rough patches during their career. But this observation does not apply to the death metallers from Yonkers, New York. Immolation is one of those few rare bands that have given us quality albums time and time again. What is it that they do, that makes all their albums so enjoyable and gives them such consistency?

Kingdom Of Conspiracy Cover

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Amorphis are a well known band from Finland, that started out as a Death / Doom Metal band and moved on to Melodic Death Metal through the timeline of their career. In their recent avatar, Amorphis have adopted the Modern Metal approach to the music, i.e, heavy and complex riffs accentuated by melodic and clean vocals. They are known to bring a lot progression to their sound with the use of folk instruments and for the quality that they maintain in their releases.


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