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I remember the times when I used to listen to every other album that had the tag brutal death metal attached to it. That was when I first stumbled across the sick world of slam. Today though, I keep my eyes out only for a very few bands of this type. This style of metal quickly lost its allure with every other band just stringing slams together, showing barely little sign of innovation. But one of the albums that I did wait for is Kraanium’s ‘Chronicles  of Perversion’. This is mainly because I remember having so much fun listening to their previous release, the fantastic ‘Post Mortal Coital Fixation’. The Norwegians have followed it up pretty well with their upcoming release.

Kraanium Chronicles of Perversion

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Now here’s a contender for the weirdest album cover. This comes from Norway based black / death metal entity Katechon’s sophomore full length ‘Coronation’. The album is set to be released towards the end of the month on Nuclear War! Now Productions. These Norwegians have a atonal and dissonance based approach to the black / death metal sound. There are actually two sides to the band; one where they evoke absolute chaos with raging riffs and high speed, and one where they take the more slow and meditative route. While one of these sides truly bring the band’s song writing skills to the limelight, the other side makes them sound like a part of the typical black / death pack.

Katechon Coronation

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As much as the name suggests something, er, Plain, it is far from being so. This Norwegian four piece show that Hard Rock really is something to be paid attention to. Their unmistakable style of a thrash styled rock gives a one-two punch of recognisable vocals and ever changing musical sound. The lyrics and the delivery by them is pretty astounding, flicking between screams and clean vocals as easily and done as well as bands who use two vocalists such as Scar Symmetry and Ne Obliviscaris.

Plain Plain EP

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Dødheimsgard’s recent release, ‘A Umbra Omega’ is undoubtedly one of the most difficult albums for me to talk about. It’s not that the album is so bad or so good that I cant find words to describe it. Rather, it’s because I do not understand this album completely. Maybe I never will. But that is what Dødheimsgard is known for and they’ve been doing this ever since they came out with 1999’s ‘666 International’. They’ve now released their most complex and weird album to date with this one. This album is so twisted and dumbfounding that even after listening to this for an entire month, I cant wrap my head around it. I still do not know for sure whether I like this album or not.

Dødheimsgard A Umbra Omega

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