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After a successful gig last year featuring the likes of Destruction and Rotting Christ, Bangalore Open Air returned stronger this year. Abandoning the previously seen one big show setting, the fourth edition of the festival featured a week of metal that ended in a huge, epic finale. From May 20th to June 5th, gigs were held across the city, focussing on one theme each night. These gigs brought out the best of the best in the Indian scene like Albatross, Stark Denial, 1833 AD, Primitiv, Dark Desolation, Escharified, Perforated Limb, Grossty, Kryptos, Eccentric Pendulum, Dirge etc. The week ended in a huge two stage concert that was headlined by grindcore giants Napalm Death, nefarious black metal horde Inquisition and blackened death dealers Belphegor. Supporting them were acts like Gutslit, Nauseate, Undying Inc, Escher’s Knot, Orator and Unwhole. Without saying as to how each performance panned out, I’m going to let our admin Gowthaman Jayapal’s photos of the event, do the talking.

Bangalore Open Air 2015


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Looking at the present day scenario, with all the political and war tensions, perhaps grindcore is the most apt sub genre to listen to. It serves the ultimate ‘fuck you’ to all forms of oppression. And what better band to deliver it than Belgian mincecore forefathers, Agathocles. This is perhaps the only band which is known for it’s innumerable split releases than it’s full length. This band is back once again with another split and this time it’s with India’s very own Nauseate who cite Agathocles as their prime influence. So this split is a like a union that was meant to be.


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