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I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I chose to listen to this album purely based on its album cover. I mean, that there is a very attractive woman who’s got only a tiny little cross to cover herself with. Plus the picture has a strong vibe of a b-grade horror flick. So yeah, that is the reason I started listening to Abhor’s upcoming full length ‘Ritualia Stramonium’. Of the many bands that call themselves Abhor, this particular one hails from Italy and have been conducting black metal rituals for about 20 years now. ‘Ritualia Stramonium’ will be the band’s sixth full length and it will be released through Moribund Records.


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Of all the sub genre mixes I’ve come across, the one that seemed truly weird is the mix of black metal and power metal. Power metal, a genre known for it’s excessive cheesy indulgence, especially in the vocal section, is the polar opposite of the nihilistic and minimalistic attitude that black metal embodies. Yet, these are the two genres that USA’s Satan’s Host are known to cross breed. This four piece from Denver, Colorado, get ambitious with their seventh full length and are set to release not one, but two albums titled ‘Pre-Dating God’ (Part 1 and 2) on Moribund Records.

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Dark, ravaging industrial tones open up the first Empire Auriga release for eight years and sees the US atmospheric / industrial black metal project shroud their work in a colossal darkness and clinging blackness whilst simultaneously drenching their music in harrowing reverb.


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