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Do you remember the hardcore music from the 90’s? It was the type of music that oozed machismo. It made you feel like you can take on anyone, no matter how skinny or fat you were in real life. It was the kinda music that got you pumped up and filled your blood with adrenaline. France based five piece In Other Climes knows what I’m talking about here and they are determined to bring back that tune. Their third full length ‘Leftover’ is the band’s attempt to capture the glory of 90’s hardcore while adding a metallic touch to the sound.

In Other Climes Leftover

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Metal is a word which most of the people here are clueless about. People who learnt science and aren’t aware of what musical genres are out there would be like “Are you talking about Iron, Steel or Aluminium? Because that is Metal”. You ask a normal person who actually had heard rumours about metal, would claim that its Satan’s music. To hardcore Catholics, it’s Satan’s music.  On and on, metal gets misinterpreted.

India is one of those countries where the fans would give their heart and life for Iron Maiden because most of them fell for metal thanks to this band. Thus providing a whole new level of exposure, Indian metal heads started to form bands. It all began from the days of 80s which we wouldn’t know about.  Metal has two scenarios. Old school and new school followers. Some are unknown since they are neutral.


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Every once in a while, there comes a band which cannot be put under a single category. Not bands that incorporate elements of other genres in one or two of their songs, but bands that showcase a blend of styles in their overall sound. Fans of Heaven Shall Burn  might be familiar with this, but for those who are uninitiated, this is a band that plays a mix of Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal. In their releases so far, the band had more of a Metalcore sound with  a slight hint of Melodic Death Metal. But in their recently released seventh full length, more emphasis is laid on the later.


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Back in the early 2000’s, a new trend had emerged in the form of Metalcore. All the new and popular bands were playing it. This was just like Thrash Metal in the late 1980s and Nu Metal in the late 1990s. But as quick as this trend started spreading, bands started running out of fresh ideas and were constantly seen releasing very mediocre records. The lack of quality material, led many to believe that the death of Metalcore was upon them. Killswitch Engage are back with a new album that seems to say, “No! Metalcore still lives!”.


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