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Metal as a genre has always had a macho image attached to it. Though it may not be true with every sub genre out there, when metal as a whole is viewed from a common man’s perspective, there is certainly a certain degree of machismo attached to it. And then there are bands that go ahead and embrace this tough guy image. This trend saw a rise with the explosion of Pantera and the 90’s groove / thrash metal movement. And at that point in time, I did enjoy the occasional groove band, with its ‘mightier than thou’ attitude. Then as I grew up, my tastes expanded and groove / thrash metal bands have been pushed way back in my choice of music. So it is kinda nice to revisit the genre with Stab.Twist.Pull’s latest full length, ‘Lifeline’. Listening to this record reminds me of all the reasons I liked this sub genre of metal, while also bringing to mind why I moved on.

Stab.Twist.Pull Lifeline

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