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It is not wise for a man to judge a book by it’s cover (or in this case, an album by its album art). Then again, I don’t claim to be a wise man and looking at the demon spawn suckling on the teats of the masked goat creature, I could not resist checking out ‘Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian’. This is fourth full length from Belarus based death metal unit Veld, out on Lacerated Enemy Records. This is sturdy piece of death metal that carries a lot of influence from the European bands and it’s pretty straight forward in its approach.

Veld Daemonic The Art of Dantalion

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Let me just start off by saying, I´m not the biggest death metal fan. Don’t get me wrong , I often find exciting things going in outer extremities of various fusion and sub-genres, but when it comes to actual death metal, I think its a genre that, like black metal, is overcrowded with with bands that either; Try to emulate and do exactly what their heroes did, or just lack imagination or skill when it comes to the music and therefore put all their efforts into image. But before you dismiss me as an asshole that “doesn’t get it”, I have to say that Detroit´s Konkeror has blown away all my preconceptions about death metal in the 21st century.

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