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Esoteric, unique and inaccessible- that’s the perfect way to describe the debut album by French weird black metal act Mourning Mist. Having a violinist in their ranks, quite an unconventional instrument for a black metal band, these boys from France put on quite a different projection of a classic lo-fi black metal look and feel.

Mourning Mist

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What happens when leading mainstream genres like electro and funk breed with progressive metal? Well, Cyrax happens. We’ve come a long way from just distorted guitars and turn tables playing our music for us. Both of them have maintained their distance up until now. Many tried to attempt a mix but the hybrid wasn’t just what we needed, it lacked something or the other. After The Prodigy successfully transfused rock with electro and funk music, it was about time someone did the same with metal and strut; that’s where Cyrax comes into picture.

Cyrax Pictures

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If you are one of those death metal fans who listens to the old school raw variety on headphones constantly, you would know how the music takes you into a very nasty and filthy world, which is only matched by the ‘oomph’ created by sludge metal. The band in question here is one of those raw, old school death metal bands from Italy, named Drown in Blood who brought out their debut full length album ‘Addicted to Murder’ this April 27th  on Earthquake Terror Noise.

Drown in Blood Addicted to Murder

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I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I chose to listen to this album purely based on its album cover. I mean, that there is a very attractive woman who’s got only a tiny little cross to cover herself with. Plus the picture has a strong vibe of a b-grade horror flick. So yeah, that is the reason I started listening to Abhor’s upcoming full length ‘Ritualia Stramonium’. Of the many bands that call themselves Abhor, this particular one hails from Italy and have been conducting black metal rituals for about 20 years now. ‘Ritualia Stramonium’ will be the band’s sixth full length and it will be released through Moribund Records.


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I´ve always been a fan of split singles and EPs, and especially when its a collaborative effort of two artists. One of my favorite releases of last year was the collaboration EP of Merzbow and Full of Hell, and one of my all-time favorites is the collaboration of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Mike Patton. Collaborations can sometimes bring you the best of both worlds and other times something completely new. On ‘Diade(ms)’, two Italian metal acts, Abaton and Viscera///, swap a few members back and forth on this two-song split single.

Abaton and Viscera/// Diade(ms)

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