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Chances are you have probably never heard of Tetragrammacide. But what do I know? Maybe you are well invested in the underground Indian black metal scene. Anyway, that’s not the point. Released through Iron Bonehead Productions, Tetragrammacides debut is called ‘Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Antistructural Formulae’. Get it? Of course you do.


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Music needn’t always be accessible and short entertainment pieces that engage the listener for a few minutes. Sometimes music can deliver a much deeper experience. When it comes to the realm of metal, bands like Inquisition, Dodheimsgard etc. are known to create music that leaves the listener in a deep meditative state. While Shroud of the Heretic doesn’t sound like the aforementioned bands, the music they create tends to have similar effects. The band’s second full length ‘Unorthodox Equilibrium’ sees the band continue in the direction they set on with their debut. The atmosphere heavy death metal sound seems to be amplified this time, with a sound that is much more suffocating and songs that are relatively longer.

Shroud of the Heretic Unorthodox Equilibrium

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Music, a world full of unique and creative artists trying to create new and innovative art, some groundbreaking and some influenced. But rarely do we come across bands, even in the weird world of heavy metal bands, that only dependent absolute heaviness to try to make sense of the music. Welcome to the world of French death metal band Autokrator as they release their self titled full length this year.


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Black metal is usually known to look upto Satanism, for a dark, brooding and bloody subject matter. Satanism in black metal has been exhaustively used to the point that its now rare to see any black metal act sway away from it. With our human history filled with so many examples of dreary, cold tales, these bands need only look at our past for the inspiration they crave. That is exactly what Eduardo Ramirez a.k.a Volahn did. A part of the Los Angeles, California based black metal cult, The Black Twilight Circle, Volahn recently released his second full length titled ‘Aq’Ab’Al’ on Iron Bonehead Productions.

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Very few bands are able to make music like  free flowing water, with little or no friction. From the streets of London, England comes the psychedelic rock / doom metal band Landskap, to do just that and achieves it beyond everyone’s expectations. With shades of funeral doom all over its music, Landskap (Swedish for landscape) brings out a very simple and no frills debut EP record through Iron Bonehead Productions.


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