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Last year, Dendritic Arbor landed on many people’s radars with not just one, but two fantastic releases. Then again Dendritic Arbor is not your everyday, run of the mill metal band and their music sets them quite apart from the crowd. Combining the harshest elements of black metal, grindcore and noise, the band manages to create music that is extremely abrasive and yet cohesive at the same time. The two releases they had last year, ‘Romantic Love’ and ‘Sentient Village // Obsolecent Garden’ EP are a collection of well written and layered tracks. The grindcore / black metal tracks have something new to reveal in each listen and the unrelenting sonic attack seems to be brimming with seething anger from the band’s side.

After listening to these albums multiple time, I knew I had to talk to the band and we went ahead and did just that. The guitarist / vocalist Adam Henderson and bassist Tom Bittner took the time to answer my questions and here’s how it went.


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A few weeks ago, we had covered the recent re-release from The Whorehouse Massacre, out on Transcending Obscurity, titled ‘Altar of the Goat Skull / VI’ (read here). This release perfectly showcases the band’s ability to write grimy, down tuned riffs that can make the listener uncomfortable just with the music. The writing on this album was so interesting and entertaining that talking to the people behind the music became a must for me. Now, thanks to Transcending Obscurity, we got the chance to ask The Whorehouse Massacre a few questions and here’s what resulted..

The Whorehouse Massacre

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The little island country of Sri Lanka has been known throughout history for its mysticism and occult. In today’s modern world, this tradition is carried forward by the country’s black metal bands that keep the occult practices alive in the form their dark, mysterious music. One of the flag bearers of this blackened horde is the atmospheric black metal five piece, Dhishti. Comprising of Jayakodi (Vocals), Deshapriya (Guitars), Alles (Drums), Lord Vibheeshana (Guitars) and Wikramarante (bass), the band gets ready to hit the Indian shores again by playing at Black Metal Krieg IV this weekend (7th December). Here’s what they had to say…

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Manzer is an ass-kicking black metal band from France. Formed in 2008, this trio plays music which is rooted in black metal from the 80s, and is also influenced by heavy metal, thrash and punk. It’s really exciting that they are doing a three city tour here in India this December. Their first and only full-length release, ‘Light of the Wreckers’ (2013), is the kind of album you know will sound really good when played live.
Lineup: Fëarann – Bass, Vocals (backing); Shaxul – Drums, Vocals; Hylde – Guitars
We spoke to frontman and drummer Shaxul, regarding the band, their upcoming tour and the current state of black metal in general. Read on…

The Indian  metal scene is in its developing stages with more bands releasing records. But one thing that is (or rather was) missing in the scene was the presence of female musicians and fans. For quite some time, the Indian scene remained male dominated. It is good to see that this is gradually changing as more and more women get involved either as fans or musicians. Which brings us to progressive death metal outfit, Zero Gravity from Indore.

This five piece is all set to unleash their debut ‘Holocaust Awaits’ at Catatonia Fest, which is set to happen on the 2nd of November. Leading this pack, are the deep growls of Ms. Kratika Bagora. We got a chance to talk to her about her experiences in the metal scene. Read on..

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