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It becomes a tough task to review an album under two circumstances. The first is when the record is jaw droppingly amazing, that it becomes hard to put into words the experience of listening to that album. The second, as is the case with Sloth.’s new full length, is when the record is so repetitive that the music kind of melds together in your mind, making it hard to describe. The title, ‘Slow as Shit’ does a good job in warning the listener of the contents of the record. It’s not that the music itself is bad, but the fact that there is not much in terms of variety or innovation makes this record hardly enjoyable.

Sloth. Slow as Sh*t

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In certain ways making an instrumental album is harder than a conventional album, especially today when popular music hands more importance to the vocals than the instrumentation. To weave a story using just instruments must be so much more harder. Valence, a four piece from New York, USA, prove that though the task may be hard, it is not impossible. Their release ‘Laser Baron’ is a 3 track, 16 minute instrumental that manages to project a story in the listener’s head, more effectively many other bands today.

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