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Arguably one of the oldest metal festivals India has seen, Domination: The Deathfest kicks off with it’s sixth edition. The yearly single-genre fest(which had a huge comeback last year featuring acts such as Gutslit, Orion, Exhumation and Insane Prophecy) is back with a even more powerful line up and a unique idea for a tribute to the lords of Death metal.

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Never judge a book by it’s cover. This is something which can be applied to any field and any situation and even metal is not an exception. I say this because every time I listen to this band, I am reminded of how I first got introduced to them. It happened a few months back when I was attending Black Metal Krieg 3. Although I was familiar with most bands on the roster, Insane Prophecy had always been that one band which I had heard only in passing and never really paid serious attention to. So when a couple of short, nerdy looking kids got on stage, I was quite surprised and completely oblivious to the hell these guys were about to unleash. So that’s why I say, never judge a band based on their looks.


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A couple of weeks back, Mumbai was the home to the third edition of the country’s biggest black metal festival called Black Metal Krieg. The brainchild of Stark Denial vocalist, Kunal Marie Gonsalves, Black Metal Krieg came back this year with the biggest line up yet. 9 bands from across the country convened at Hotel United 21, Thane on 8th December, 2013 which served as the unholy altar that day.

Here’s how it went…